5 trends for decorating your home this Christmas

Want to bring a touch of sophistication to your Christmas decor this year? Put down the tinsel and forget the garish green and red: we’ve got some ideas to get your home looking cosy and stylish.

1. The natural look

Embrace eco-chic this season by adding natural elements to your Christmas decor. Think beyond the traditional spruce and holly and go for softer shades of green and more minimal foliage.

Here the soft greens of this plant coupled with the tealights on the stairs say Christmas without being shouty about it.

Natural style christmas decorations - green foilage and tealights on a staircase

Olive branches with their silver-green leaves look fabulous in this wreath, bringing a touch of nature and elegance to the home.

Natural style Christmas wreath with olive leaves

Here this have a cosy corner gets a nod to Christmas with a simple tree branch leaned against the wall. It’s been given a faint wash of white paint for a really natural yet minimalist look.

Cosy Christmas corner with tree branch

2. Modern rustic style

With a simple but elegant look, modern rustic style is ideal for Christmas decor. Think earthy tones and textures to provide contrast and character to crisp Scandi white lines. 

This tree uses rustic fabrics, subtly sparkly pinecones and woodland animals to create a festive yet subtle look.

Modern rustic decorated Christmas tree

Here the tree has subtle touches of colour with the blue baubles, while the paper-wrapped wrapped gifts, white wicker basket and regal deer add different textures and keep that minimal and rustic vibe.

Modern rustic decorated tree with deer

(Did you know: Modern rustic is one of the new Scandi style trends we’ve spotted - read about them all here!)

3. Frosted fairytale

Turn your home into a winter wonderland with touches of icy soft pastels like blue and pink. Here these colours are mixed in with pearly metallics for extra warmth and charm.

frosted Christmas decorations

The soft colours of the stockings and ribbons look great with the muted silver candlesticks and vintage white fabrics.

frosted tones in Christmas decor

4. Scandi elegance

Scandinavian style is a winner at Christmas, with the natural textures and metallics feeling festive in a subtle and elegant way.

The rustic wood of this dining table is warmed up with the metallic stars and pinecones.

Scandi style Christmas dining table with metal star decorations

The Scandi look can create Christmas cosiness, too. Here the crisp whites are softened with winter greenery and lush furry blankets.

Scandi style Christmas decor in loft

For more ideas to amp the cosy levels this Christmas, here’s 10 ways to create hygge happiness at home.

5. Industrial chic

If you like things super minimal at Christmas, embrace a touch of industrial style. Instead of a traditional Christmas tree, try bare wood branches decorated with a variety of metallic baubles. The contrast between the shapes and tones looks festive yet elegantly spare.

Industrial chic Christmas decor

Use metals in warm colours, such as copper or rose gold to give a minimal yet cosy look that blends with natural wood and winter green foliage.

Warm copper tones in Christmas mantelpiece


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