5 tips to improve your home office

Are you working from home these days?  

Whether it’s an entire room, a corner of your bedroom, your garage or your dining table: having a well-arranged home-office space can help you get in the right state of mind every morning and achieve better work results. We’ve collected 5 tips for a better working-from-home time using tools you probably already have! 

1. Get set up

All of us have access to different spaces, tools and time. Starting small and making sure you have all of your essentials next to you when you jump into work mode can help you get into the right state of mind quicker. Your favorite pen, a clean sheet in your notepad and a fresh cup of coffee might be a good start! Consider investing in a nice office chair, as having a healthy posture throughout the day is essential for our body in the long run. 

2. Make it greener

Spending many hours in a single place can at times feel tight and dull. Consider moving all your house plants closer to your home office area to brighten up the space. Maybe add some fresh flowers to your next shopping delivery? An average family of four produces high amounts of CO2 every day simply by breathing. House plants can act as air purifiers and provide more oxygen to your home.

3. Follow the daylight

Along with moving your plants, it is important to maximise your access to daylight. No matter the size of your home, or what time of the day your office space gets sunlight, there are ways to increase the amount of daylight you receive. 

Start by moving your desk closer to a window. This will give you both a steady flow of natural light and easier access to fresh air, which in turn will increase your concentration and ability to work well. Besides, isn’t it just nice to be able to look out of the window and enjoy the view at times when we have to stay in? In fact, better access to views, along with improved daylight conditions, have been found to improve our productivity.  

Working from home can give us the flexibility of moving around the house to take active breaks around our work setting. Maybe your sofa gets the afternoon sun this time of the year? Why not take your next phone-meeting on the sofa to catch that extra bit of daylight and stretch your body? 

4. Breathe easy

Besides stocking up on house plants, choosing natural alternatives to cleaning products, furniture, toys and other home supplies is one of the ways to increase the quality of air at home.  

Another more accessible way to ensuring the air you breathe is fresh, is to air out your home regularly. It’s easy to forget, but so important to incorporate in our daily lives. Include a few short 10-minute airing breaks into your daily routine. Opening more than one window at a time will boost the air circulation around your home replacing old air with fresh air more efficiently. Steady access to fresh air will help your body to feel lighter and your mind more productive: great recipe for more productive desk work. 

5. Make it yours

Surround yourself with things you love! Your favorite painting, playlist, coffee cup or flowers. Working at home gives us more flexibility for rearranging our surroundings as often as we feel the need for it.  

Finally, isn’t it just nice that we don’t always need to have that office outfit on? Who knows, maybe dress code rules will become more relaxed once we all get back to our offices. So, don’t rush to hide that cozy knitted sweater back in your closet.

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