New Nordic: Interior trends for Scandinavian style

When it comes to interiors, the Scandinavian look is here to stay. We’ve fallen hard for its simplicity, functionality and the sense of calm it brings to our homes.

But if you're ready to go beyond crisp white walls and minimalism, check out these trends we’ve spotted that put a fresh spin on Scandi style.


If you love the sleek and clutter-free Scandi look but want to warm things up a little, try a rustic accent. Think earthy tones and textures to provide contrast and character to those crisp Scandi white lines. Some materials to look out for:

  • Wood - try open shelves made from reclaimed wood, a distressed timber mirror frame, or handmade wooden cutting boards.
  • Metals - a warm brass light fitting, copper pots and pans, brass bathroom taps, or an industrial-style metal bar stool.
  • Stone - offset the glorious greens of indoor plants with a stone plant pot, a rustic stoneware dinner set, or a stylish and practical mortar and pestle

For more inspiration check out this stunning loft bedroom makeover from interiors blogger and VELUX Ambassador Rebecca Lawson - she’s the queen of modern rustic!

Button & Sprung 2


We now spend around 90% of our time indoors, so biophilic design is a great way to bring Mother Nature into the home. It incorporates the natural environment through plants, water features and fresh air and focuses on the aspects of the natural world that contribute to human health and productivity.

Embracing this trend can be as simple as starting a mini herb garden on a sunny window sill, buying an indoor plant or two, or even faking it with a garden-themed wallpaper feature wall.

Natural light is another important element of biophilic design, so look at ways to incorporate more light into your design, such as roof windows, if you’re planning a new extension or loft conversion.

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Plant style


We now want design to be more than just aesthetically pleasing - it needs to consider the impact on the planet. Sustainable design is all about the longevity of use and reduction of waste, instead of the interiors equivalent of fast fashion. 

Instead of plastics, designers are falling back in love with more natural and sustainable materials like rattan, sisal, hemp, plywood and jute. No longer 70s throwbacks, these materials bring a real warmth and tactility and really pop against a white Scandi style wall. Try a rattan armchair, a jute basket for storage, or a braided sisal rug to add texture to any room.

Upcycling and recycling are also big news. Instead of buying new, look out for local makers bringing new life to used furniture, or check out swap and sell groups online to find a gem to spruce up yourself. The planet (and your wallet) will thank you!


At first glance it may seem maximalism is at odds with Nordic style, but a bright white space is a fabulous canvas for injecting touches of maximalist style - it’s all about being bold and playful and adopting a ‘more is more’ attitude. Add colourful layers, textures and shapes - try bookcases full of hardbacks, bold furniture and mismatched photos on the walls.

Alternatively, add some Hollywood vibes to your home with a luxe glam look. Think lush velvet fabrics, leopard prints, vintage furniture to gold accents. For inspiration look no further than award Kimberly Duran of the award-winning Swoon Worthy, who describes her fabulous interiors as "‘Eclectic Boho Glam". Here's her gorgeous living room...

Kimberly Dark of Swoon Worthy's fabulous living room

Main photo credit: Rebecca Lawson, Malmo & Moss.

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