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How To Bring The Outside In With Houseplants

Plants are an easy way to add colour and a touch of nature to your home. Interior stylist and blogger Hege Morris tells you how to get started.

As you probably know, nature and natural light are very high up on my list in terms of things I need in my life. I love the lighter months of the year and feel like I thrive. Daylight gives you so much more energy in my opinion. Do you feel the same way?

I genuinely believe that going for a walk or having good natural light in your home can really improve your mood. You can read all about the benefits of daylight in my blog post here.

When it comes to bringing the outside in, it can be easier than you think. I’m not the most green fingered and I have certainly killed a plant or two in my time but you do learn from experience.

Plants in the home

A few green plants makes a space feel more like a home. You might think that real plants are difficult to care for, but it's actually not that difficult. With good natural light most plants are pretty happy. I have lots of different plants in my home. They vary from Chinese Money Plants (or Pilea), Monstera and Rubber Plants to Ferns. Most of them are happy, if I water them once a week. I normally do it on a Sunday, as it's easy to remember and I normally have less to do. I have around 30 plants in my growing collection and it probably takes me around 1/2 hr to care for them all. That's not bad once a week.

The Chinese Money Plants are so easy to grow. I bought one about two years ago and have since had hundreds of babies. They keep coming, so I've given away lots of them to friends. It's such a nice thing to give away. Home grown plants come with extra affection and are valued more than a store bought one I think. I really like giving away plants.

In the photo below, the kitchen looks stunning with all the greenery and the beautiful natural light from the roof windows.

Green plants tie in with the greenery from the roof window

Plants love the light provided by the roof windows

Garden foliage

It's a simple thing that I don't do enough of. You don't need to buy flowers to brighten up a space. Simply go out in your garden, cut a few branches from a nice bunch and pop it in a vase. It's so easy and only takes a few minutes. As you can see in the pictures below, a bit of greenery makes all the difference. If you change the water every few days, the foliage will last for a long time.

Garden foilage

Garden foilage

Plants in the bathroom

It might not be something you've thought of, but a couple of plants can make a bathroom much more inviting. Hanging plants by the window or placing a plant by the sink works so well. Plants like ferns thrive in the humidity, so they are perfect for bathrooms. If you're not sure which plant will work best, ask a florist for advice.

Plants in the bathroom

Plants in the bathroom

Better sleep with green plants in the bedroom

I grew up having been told that you shouldn't have plants in your bedroom, but I'm a strong believer that that's the wrong approach. Plants can actually make you have a better sleep. Snake Plants (also known as ‘Mother-in-Law’s Tongue’) is a natural air purifier. They emit oxygen at night, improving the air around you so that you sleep better. There's scientific evidence that plants can help you sleep, so it's all about choosing the best plant for your bedroom.

Plants in the bedroom


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