Deck the lofts: How to decorate an attic for Christmas

Get your loft conversion looking its best this Christmas with these decorating ideas that make the most of this unique space.

The sloping ceiling and internal staircase of a loft room make it a fun and unique space to decorate for the holidays. Here’s our top ideas…

Spruce up the lighting

If you have a chandelier hanging from a sloping roof, add spruce or fir branches and some hanging baubles to add sparkle and festive cheer to the lighting.

Festive additions to a chandelier

Make the stairs a feature

Add some decorative touches to the internal stairs to create a festive path up into the loft. Weave a garland around the balusters, or place LED candles on the treads along the railing side. Of course, use your discretion - you don’t want to create a tripping hazard, and skip this idea if you have small children. But some carefully placed decorations can really add to the festive vibes in your home.

Add decorations to a staircase

A christmas staircase

O Christmas tree

The sloping roof of a loft room can be an unexpectedly awesome place to tuck in a Christmas tree, creating a festive focal point. 

A loft with Christmas tree

Create a cosy Christmas corner

Use the space under the sloping roof to create a cosy nook for chilling out during the holiday season. Try comfy armchair, a plush ottoman and a thick rug to make an ideal space for for unwrapping presents or curling up with mulled wine and a good book. Be sure to pile on the toasty blankets and fluffy cushions!

A cosy Christmas corner

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Dress up the windows

A simple way to decorate a roof window: hang baubles on the ventilation bar. Here shades of gold, white and red tie in cheerfully with the colour of the window blind.

Loft window Christmas decorations


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