5 Creative Uses for a Loft conversion

Going up? If you're considering a loft conversion or have already altered your attic, here's our top ideas for how to use that lovely extra space.

Running out of space in your home? A loft conversion unlocks the fantastic potential that’s waiting right above your head. The first question left to ask is - what will you do with all that lovely extra space? Here are some of our favourite uses for a loft conversion.

Home office loft conversion

As more and more of us work remotely, a dedicated space for a home office are becoming popular. No more fighting for space at the kitchen table or juggling your laptop and coffee on the couch! The loft is an ideal spot for an office: it’s quiet if you need to make calls, and at the end of the day you can come downstairs and have a clear boundary between your work and home lives. To make your working environment as calm and productive as possible, flood the room with natural light by including large roof windows.

Home office in a loft conversion

Master suite loft conversion

Master suites are a hot trend right now - what could be more glamorous than a bedroom with dressing room and bathroom? You need a bigger space than a classic double bedroom, so that’s where a loft can be the perfect space to create this “hotel every day” feeling. Be sure to include big roof windows so you can look up at the stars from your bed.

A loft or attic conversion is perfect for a master bedroom suite

Kids’ room loft conversion

With a room under the roof you can create a bright area for the kids to sleep and dream under the stars, but also play and do their homework. The kids will love having their own space slightly away from the grown ups. Be bold with colour in the space, whether that’s with paint, wallpaper or brightly patterned curtains.

The kids will love having an attic bedroom retreat

Guest apartment loft conversion

If you love having guests to stay or need to host family members for extended visits, you can convert your loft into a charming self-contained apartment. By including a kitchenette and bathroom, your guests will have full privacy and independence - which is great for them, and their kind hosts! The light coming through the roof windows will make all the rooms bright and comfortable.

Loft conversion | Guest bedroom

Zen room loft conversion

Even if you love your family to bits, sometimes we just need a little break for awhile. A loft conversion is the idea space for a peaceful retreat for reading, meditation, yoga or just a quiet lie-down. Think soft, calming colours on the walls and soft textured rugs and blankets to add warmth and coziness. Roof windows will let the natural light flood in while you’re on the yoga mat, or while simply chilling on a comfy bean bag.

attic conversion | Yoga room | Meditation

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