10 ways to create hygge happiness at home

The temperatures have dropped, the days are getting shorter, and our pace of life will take a 'noticeable dip' as we apply some hygge to our lives, new research suggests.

A study by VELUX has found that more than half (54 per cent) of UK homeowners indulge in more comfort food in the winter, while just under a third (30 per cent) tend to go to bed earlier.

Other habits include using more rugs and throws around the house (32 per cent), and using more candles (25 per cent).

Some 65 per cent of homeowners admitted that their pace of life is slower during the winter compared to the summer, with more than 8 in 10 (84 per cent) spending more time indoors at home during the colder months.

So with more time indoors, how can we truly make it a space we will enjoy?

Using the Danish concept of hygge - the Danish term for cosiness - interior design blogger and stylist, Hege Morris of Hege in France, highlights some of the ways in which you can create hygge happiness in your home.

"Mood lighting is essential to the hygge philosophy. Candles and cosy blankets are a must when we want to create a warm atmosphere in our homes," says Hege. "Hygge is much more than that though. It is about spending time together, maybe bake a cake or play a board game. It's all about simple pleasures and enjoying each other's company, friends or family. Put phones and tablets away and have fun together."

Here are Hege's top 10 ways to create hygge happiness at home:

1. Heat things up

A flickering fire makes a space feel intimate, cosy and warm. If you don't have a fire, recreate the same feeling with different sized candles. Combine cheap tea lights (£6.99 by Yankee Candle from Amazon) with more luxurious scents like cinnamon and vanilla.

2. Bring the outdoors in

Natural sunlight enhances our senses so connect your home to your garden. Nature is innately relaxing and stress-busting, so position some greenery by your window and enjoy the autumnal colours.

3. Use every space

Got a gap under your stairs? Turn it into a library. Got a loft you've never used? Turn it into a tranquil relaxation room. Make the most of the space you have.

4. Get smart

Put phones and tablets away but technology is still our secret weapon in making a space cosy. Use music to set the right mood throughout your home…and it must be relaxing.

5. Take up a hobby

Knitting has a slow, steady rhythm that helps you focus in a laid back, calming way. Or you could try baking, painting or making something homemade.

6. Snuggle up

Go wild with socks, jumpers, hats and scarves. Thick, woolly clothes are very hygge and an absolute must in autumn and winter.

Get those cosy socks on!

7. Entertain

Start a new tradition with friends and family you enjoy being around. Organise regular get togethers to spend quality time together.

8. Get the right lighting

Make good use of lamps, dimmer switches and candles when it gets dark. It will create a warmer light that feels cosy and comforting.

9. Indulge a little

When the nights get darker and the days colder it's normal to crave comfort food. Enjoy the simple pleasures of delicious food and treat yourself to some cake or a glass of red wine.

10. Less is more

Cosy spaces tend to be small so tidy away any items that aren't needed and make way for candles, a throw and a good book.

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