Heaven on wheels: 7 furniture ideas for a small loft conversion

Furniture on casters can be super helpful when decorating a loft conversion. Not only do the wheels give flexibility, as you can move the furniture around to suit different needs, you can also take advantage of those spaces under the sloping roof.

Here's 7 furniture pieces that we think work great in an attic.

Coffee table

A coffee table on wheels adds flexibility to an attic living space. It’s quick and easy to roll out of the way if you need to convert a sofa bed into sleep mode, or if you want clear space for a yoga workout.

Coffee table on wheels


Roller wardrobe

These custom pullout wardrobes are a fabulous solution when you have limited space. They make the most of the sloping shape under the roof eaves, opening up to a huge amount of storage for your clothing. 

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Wardrobe on wheelsCabinet on casters, © Pinterest


Low cabinet

If you have a larger attic space, a low cabinet is great for storage. In moments you need extra roof, tuck it away under the lower part of the roof.

Low cabinetSideboard Buffet Industrial Roller Cabinet Iron and Wood, © Pinterest


Shelf on wheels

A shelving unit on casters is not only a great way to store books and keep clutter to a minimum, you can move it around the room to create a slight separation between different task areas, such as between a work zone and seating area.

Shelf on wheelsOslo shelving unit, Casa © Pinterest

TV cabinet

If your attic is a games or entertainment room, try placing the TV on a cabinet with casters so you can move the TV nearer to the sofa when you’re watching it, then store it out of the way near a wall when not in use. Choose from traditional wood, glass or an industrial style to suit your room’s decor.

TV cabinetWooden TV cabinet, © Pinterest

Toy box

Using your loft space for a children’s playroom? A toy box on wheels will be easy for the kids to move around the room, and it might even motivate them to put the toys away! Whether it’s wooden or plastic, choose a bright colour to brighten up the space. 

Toybox on wheelsMango wood toy box on wheels, © Pinterest

Bar cabinet

A beautiful bar cabinet with casters means you can turn your loft into a party zone when you need it, and discreetly tuck it into a corner when not in use. Your biggest decision will be what to stock it with!

Bar cabinetIndustrial style wooden metal bar cabinet, © Pinterest

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