4 ways to store clothes in a loft bedroom

Planning a loft bedroom? Why not take the chance to create the wardrobe of your dreams. Here are our favourite ideas for storing your clothes that make the most of an attic space.


A pull-out sliding wardrobe

Perfectly adapted for a sloping space, these wardrobes allow you to hang clothes facing forward. This can be a great choice if your space has more scope to go deep rather than wide. They’re sleek and stylish as well as functional - just pull the handle and your whole wardrobe glides out on the rail for easy browsing. You can also include shelves in this design to store folded clothes and accessories.

Top tip: Install LED lighting inside the wardrobe to make finding the right outfit even easier.


Full-width rail and drawers

If your clothes are your pride and joy, install a clothing rail across an entire wall for an open, boutique look. When placed parallel to the beams of the room, this simple and functional bar tucks harmoniously under the slope. This looks great with a row of low drawers beneath, also across the entire wall, perfect for tucking away folded clothes, accessories and shoes.

Top tip: Sort your clothes by colour for a decorative touch!

A dedicated dressing room with VELUX roof windows

A dedicated dressing room

If you really want to live the Hollywood dream, why not indulge in a separate dressing room as part of your room design? To optimize the space, opt for custom wardrobe furniture that fits around the sloping walls. Install a variety of clothing rails, drawers and shelves to suit the clothing and accessories you have. Include a full length mirror so you can check your outfit of the day.

Top tip: Install a VELUX roof window in the dressing room to make sure you can see your clothes in the best possible light.

Classic fitted wardrobes for an attic bedroom

Fitted wardrobes

You can’t go wrong with classic fitted wardrobes. Dedicate a whole wall to your wardrobe and you’ll have plenty of room for all your clothes with easy access. The sliding doors hide everything away, giving a sense of order and clarity to the room.

Top tip: For a seamless look, choose the same or tonally similar colours for your walls and wardrobe doors. In this photo, the white doors of the dressing room integrate perfectly with the walls bringing light and a sense of spaciousness.

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