7 mistakes to avoid when creating a loft bedroom

An attic bedroom can be a cosy and restful retreat… or a slightly soulless box.

To make sure your loft is haven of sleep and relaxation, here are some mistakes to avoid.

1. Using only neutral colours

When decorating a bedroom, relaxing colours are a must. But don’t limit yourself to neutral colours: white walls, light furniture and pastel bedding can all add up to a rather boring look.

Of course, energetic colours like bright yellow and red are best avoided if you want a good night’s sleep. But you can choose bold blues and greens to give your room a great sense of style. You might also like an on-trend colours like a sophisticated grey, greige or soft pink.

If you still prefer a neutral wall, try coloured sheets, quilts, cushions and geometric patterned curtains so you can bring lots of life into the room while keeping it relaxing.

Add a splash of colour to the walls

2. Forgetting the curtains and blinds

Without window dressings, your sleep will very much be influenced by external light. Curtains and blinds not only put you in control of when the light enters your room, they also help keep out the cold. They’re also a great opportunity to add more style and colour. VELUX have a fantastic range of blinds to keep your roof windows looking great, from Roman, Venetian to pleated styles. There’s also the ever-popular blackout blinds, so those long summer days won’t end your snooze too soon!

Control the light with blinds

3. No plant life

A room without a touch of nature just doesn’t quite look alive. If your bedroom feels a little lacklustre, beautiful green plants bring instant style and texture. They’re perfect for tucking into the corners of your loft space. There’s a multitude of types, shapes and shades available at your local garden centre… but we warn you, collecting indoor plants can be addictive!

As well as being stylish and fun to care for, indoor plants are also good for your health, being natural air filters. The best air-purifying plants include spider plants, bamboo palms and peace lilies.

Add a touch of greenery

4. Skipping the headboard

If you’ve taken our advice above and placed the bed against the wall, a headboard is essential. It helps keep the walls clean and brings more character to the room, creating a "finished" feeling.

Also: is there anything better than being tucked up in bed with a book, with a nice soft headboard to lean on? You can go as wild or subtle as you like with your colour and fabric choices, and choose from simple shapes to luxurious winged styles. Once it’s installed, add loads of fluffy pillows and cushions to make a truly restful haven.

Headboards provide a focal point

5. Inadequate lighting

While a bedroom is all about rest and relaxation, it’s important to make sure you have a range of lighting for all the different tasks you need to accomplish, in the right place with the right intensity. This includes lights for reading in bed, ideally with individual ones for both sides of the bed. You also need stronger lighting for getting dressed and applying makeup.

Don’t forget to make sure your wardrobes have good lighting too - there’s nothing more frustrating than rummaging around a dark wardrobe for something to wear when you’re in a hurry!

Get the lighting right

6. Open plan bathroom untidiness

Rather than a mistake, this one is question of personal preference! Open plan bedroom/bathrooms are a big trend - from housing the bathroom behind a partition wall, to putting a bathtub right in the bedroom for a glam hotel-room feel.

That said, open bathrooms lack privacy. The whole bedroom can feel humid after you take a shower. You also need to be vigilant about picking up wet towels and putting objects back in their place, otherwise the room can quickly look messy. If you do opt for an open plan style, be sure to have plenty of windows and a good extractor fan for ventilation.

Keep the bathroom tidy

7. Hiding your personality

While an uncluttered, minimalist bedroom is peaceful, it can sometimes border on cold and clinical. Being in the room should make you feel good, so be sure to add some personal touches.

Think about how nice it will feel to open your eyes in the morning and see a favourite piece of artwork, some framed family photos, that quirky light fitting that you found at a flea market, or a lovely fluffy rug beside the bed to sink your feet into when you get up. Let your decorations and accessory choices reflect who you are, and you’ll start the day well rested and smiling.

Show your personality

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