How to make the most of the space in a loft conversion

With sloping ceilings and different layouts than what you may be used to downstairs, it can be daunting to furnish a loft conversion. But with a little ingenuity, you can make the most of the new space, including corners that might seem unusable at first glance.

Shelves built in to take advantage of sloping loft roof

Be shelf-ish

Built-in shelving looks fantastic on sloping loft walls, from low shelving tucked into a shallow slope, to library shelves soaring up the full height of a steep-pitched wall. A good handyman will be able to construct shelving that maximises the available space. Consider adjustable shelving so you can change the heights whenever you want to change your displays.

Shelves under the eaves

Storage under the slopes

Low walls are often overlooked as “lost corners” but they make fantastic storage spaces. Decorative boxes, baskets, trunks or chests can tuck neatly into this space, providing not only practical storage but a touch of style too. Lower pieces of furniture work beautifully here too, like a low coffee table or sofa.

Storage under the slopes

Invest in custom furniture

As long as you take your measurements, you’ll be able to find ready made furniture in the shops to fit your space. That said, you can’t beat custom furniture to maximise every corner without losing a crumb of space. From a built-in office with integrated desk and shelves, to the fitted wardrobe of your dreams, custom storage can planned as part of the overall loft conversion project.

Custom wardrobes

Create a “cocoon corner”

Depending on the slope of the roof, you can create lovely and useful areas under the eaves, dedicated to reading, relaxing, work or sleep - all activities that don’t require standing! Try a small home office in a corner, or a relaxation area with sofa, armchair and ottomans to watch television or read. Similarly, placing a bed against a sloped wall can create a cosy, secluded atmosphere. Try a platform bed if you want to make the ceiling feel higher.

Cocoon corner with a cosy armchair

Even the most shallow slope can be turned into a cosy reading nook - just add piles of thick cushions, a soft and cosy rug to stretch out on, and a low side table for a reading lamp and your favourite beverage.

Cosy reading nook

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