What is Building Inspiration?

What is Building Inspiration?


Welcome to Building Inspiration, brought to you by VELUX.


Undertaking a building or renovation project can be a daunting task.

Where should I begin? How long will it take? How do I keep my budget on track?

These, and many others, are questions that anyone who has taken on a project has asked themselves at one time or another. It can be stressful, unfamiliar territory, but we believe that completing your own project can be one of the most fulfilling tasks that you can undertake. That’s why we’ve created a new website packed with resources designed to demystify the process and help you make your vision a reality.

We’ve split the site into four sections, which should provide you with useful information throughout the project;

Inspiration – Here you will find case studies from the UK and beyond, to provide you with some inspiration for your project. See how other homeowners navigated their project journey, and hopefully you can ‘borrow’ a few ideas.

Planning – This section is focused on helping you find out exactly what will be required in order to undertake your project. We will help you navigate the various legislative and financial aspects, and provide practical advice on assessing the basic suitability of your property for projects such as extensions and loft conversions.

Getting Started – This section is for those who are ready to get their project underway. Find top tips on selecting your project team and briefing your architect. We have created example project durations and checklists to give you a feel for what will happen when.

Articles – Find a range of interesting and relevant articles from our expert contributors, featuring TV personalities and respected figures from within the trade. Our experts will share their thoughts on the big issues surrounding building projects and help with tips on the practicalities of making your dream home a reality.

We hope you enjoy the site and find the resources useful. Building Inspiration will be updated regularly with fresh content and new tools to help with your project, so check back regularly, we hope to see you back again soon. If you found the site useful, please feel free to share it!