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Stunning loft in black and white

The owners of this property originally built it as a bungalow, but as the family grew they decided to add some additional space to create their own private area in the previously unused loft.

They employed a specialist loft conversion company, who visited to undertake a feasibility study for the conversion. The loft in its current state was unusable, but they determined that by restructuring the truss design and upgrading the level of insulation the area could be converted to useable living space.

In order to bring maximum light into the space the contractor recommended using large roof windows, and venetian blinds to provide control over the level of light when using the room for work.

Two openings were created in the floor. One for the stairs, and one for a mezzanine balcony looking down into the living room below. This provides additional light to the lower floor and a dramatic feature which showcases the full volume of the house. A glass balustrade was used to ensure that light spread effectively.

In the bedroom, roof windows were fitted on either side of the roof to provide cross ventilation and a good spread of light. Electric blinds are used to provide a blackout effect at night.

With the remaining floor space in the loft, a spacious dressing room has been incorporated, so that no free standing storage was required in the bedroom.

Key figures

Renovation work cost:
£ 37 000 (€ 44 030)

Floorspace gained: 80 m2

Renovation duration: 5 weeks